Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics Limited is a healthcare company based in Hong Kong, we operate in worldwide under two divisions: Biopharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. 

Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics researches, develops, manufactures bacterial and viral diagnostic kits, reagents, reference standards for research and medical diagnostic applications. Internally, it is organized into two business divisions:

Biopharmaceuticals Biologics:

  • Vaccines (Viral Vaccines, Bacterial Vaccines, Conjugate Vaccines, Viral Particles, DNA and RNA Based Vaccines).
  • Novacell proprietary Platform Technology for making affordable, timely available and readily accessible vaccines with the highest titers and purest quality standards

Diagnostics (CLIA, CAP, ISO & Medical Research Centers)

  • Molecular Diagnostics; RT-PCR, RNA, DNA PCR

All business areas focus on health care applications, targeting physicians, hospitals, government contracts, clinics, or consumers. Life Science targets research settings in academia and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.