Personalized Lab Tests

What are liquid biopsies?

Liquid biopsies are non-invasive blood tests that can be prescribed to detect circulating tumor cells or circulating tumor DNA in the blood stream.  These are molecular tests originally designed to be companion tests to conventional histopathology and imaging.  In the past few years, as the arena of Precision Genomic Medicine advances, the clinical applications of liquid biopsies extended to disease monitoring, treatment monitoring, relapse detection, target drugs matching, and has recently extended to early cancer screening.

Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA)


  • sctDNA is a subtype of Cell free DNA (CfDNA) originating from apoptotic malignant cells that are being released into the bloodstream. These tumor DNA fragments may consist of tumor-driving gene mutations. By employing Next Generation Deep Sequencing, we are able to identify the mutations and help patients or healthy individuals to monitor and screen diseases, monitor treatments such as chemotherapies, radiation therapies, target therapies, and immune-onco drug therapies, to detect relapse and to match target drugs.

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)


  • CTC are characterized malignant cells that have detached from tumors and intravasate into the blood circulation. The advancement of the CTC isolation and enrichment technologies enable the determination of patients’ or individuals’ baseline for disease monitoring, relapse detection and treatment monitoring.

Telo-Vita Telomere Test


  • Telomere is a sequence of DNA located at the ends of each chromosome that will become shortened as cells divide and as the body ages. Shortened telomeres affect cellular activities and is associated with chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and aging. Telo-Vita uses quantitative PCR technology to measure the length of telomere in total white blood cells. The cellular age is then computed through powerful algorithms and combined datasets. The test will reveal an individual’s telomere length and compute their corresponding cellular/biological age. This metric will aid in the proactive management of one’s aging process, leading to a longer and healthier life.

Other Advanced Lab Tests


  • Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics provide various advanced lab tests to identify and diagnosis signs of diseases at very early stages.