Employee Care Solution


It is our mission to deliver innovative, flexible and scalable solutions to meet the needs of self-insured companies. Our value lies in our desire to create collaborative interactions, streamlined solutions and a high level of quality outcomes in the challenging world of employee wellness and health. Genomic Employee Care Solution is a modern-day solution to healthcare cost containment. Has your company tried everything possible to keep healthcare costs under control and eliminate wasteful spend on prescriptions? Not if you haven’t tried our solution. Genomic Employee Care Solution is a prescription focused program for medication management and chronic care analysis that is designed to fit your company’s needs and employee population. We take your employee population on a journey to a smarter, more creative way to manage costs and wellness.


Engaged Employees – Employees are missing work to manage
issues related to medication and healthcare conditions either for themselves or a family member.


Genetic Testing – A one-time test to manage medications, reduce unnecessary side effects and increase health and wellness overall

Comprehensive Medication Risk Management – Lowers medical costs and decreases employee risk while achieving company financial goals and well-being

Experts in the Forefront – Provides a pharmacist to deliver the comprehensive medication risk review and therapy options to doctors and support for regimen adherence to patients


  • 82% of Americans take at least one medication
  • The FDA says that 50% of medications take by patients that are ineffective
  • Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) are the 4 th leading cause of death
  • 20-30% of health care benefit costs are prescriptions
  • Prescription costs increase 3-9% every year

We know the difficulties around controlling costs; we know because as a company, we see it too. We also know that employees often avoid doctor visits due to time and expenses. Take back the days where you have control over where costs are going and employees that enjoy knowing they are healthy and on the right track to affordable care.



Genomic Employee Care Solution is completely hands-off so that employees are comfortable speaking to healthcare professionals about their respective medications and conditions. Our solution is tailored to the company’s needs for their employees. It takes into account the employee’s drug regimen, drug interactions, genetics, lifestyle and age all prior to delivery of the care management roadmap

  • Provides employers a way to help employees manage their prescriptions
    spending habits and to ensure prescriptions are being used to the best of their genetic ability.
  • Provides a way for employees to manage their prescriptions easier for
    themselves and family members in one application, and to ensure they are
    getting the best prescriptions for their dollars out-of-pocket
  • Our HIPAA compliant and secure portals enables employees to maintain the
    privacy of their medication regimen and lifestyle factors that may impact their healthcare
  • Getting medications right means lowering costs associated with prescriptions and overall healthcare and increased employee engagement


Other Programs

  • Requires the company and pilot size to be at least 30,000 employees
  • Monthly payment of ~$200,000 * regardless of the number of employees enrolled per month
  • Pharmacists are not always certified
  • Do not offer ancillary wellness and cost savings programs, just PGx
  • An abbreviated set of medications and services are analyzed and no raw Rx cost containment strategies are offered

Genomic Employee Care Solution

  • Population size for phase 1 is decided by the client
  • Monthly payments are only for those employees that enroll in the program
  • Pharmacists are appropriately certified in cMTM
  • Offers both medication management, cost savings along with chronic care analysis and up to 3 years follow up after testing
  • PGx Comprehensive + Specialty analysis means that we offer a more complete assessment of prescription appropriateness and cost containment strategies for your employee population

Key Goals

Employers are able to provide their employees and dependants the ultimate healthcare solution by utilizing our medication risk management solution and advanced treatment platform. In addition, we are able to reduce the rising costs of healthcare and pharmacy by deploying a true wellness solution designed for their employee population, employee family members, and covered lives

  • Identifies where lower cost purchasing locations for prescriptions can be found.
  • Identifies the fact that many people have genetic variants that negatively impact their response
    to medications.
  • Performs risk stratification of population to show the impact of how getting the medications wrong can be wasted dollars on medications that are not right for that person.
  • Eliminates the traditional methods of trial & error prescribing, which is not the safest, nor the most effective method for treating patients who may not properly metabolize a specific prescribed medication.
  • Employee engagement tool puts a pharmacists in an easy access location any time of day to improve optimal healthcare utilization every step of the way