Platform & pipeline

Platform & pipeline

Our approach: Reprogramming autophagy

Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics is developing a new way to do targeted degradation. Many important disease targets go beyond the capacity of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. The Nanosome technology reprograms autophagy to generate autophagosomes around these disease targets resulting in degradation. This is Degradation 2.0.

We have amassed a world-class autophagy drug discovery team that is working and learning together. By leveraging our deep understanding of autophagy and dynamics, we established the Nanosome platform to expand targeted degradation in ways previously unimagined.

In-house validation has identified definitive autophagy targets that can be drugged with chemistry to form the foundation of Nanosome. Degradation 2.0 is modular because this autophagy-targeting chemistry can be used to develop specific degraders for rare and common diseases.

Nanosome Platform

Heterobifunctional chemistry has been developed to facilitate the recruitment of autophagy regulators to disease targets leading to autophagosome biogenesis around the target. We have demonstrated that this approach has the capacity to degrade several disease targets in a robust way.

Key components of Nanosome

  • Autophagy knowledge
  • Our team has the leading autophagy industry experts, world-class R&D capabilities, and a broad network of academic pioneers working on autophagy and proteostasis.
  • Target identification
  • Our deep expertise in autophagy, disease processes, and chemical biology has enabled the discovery of autophagy proteins that can degrade multiple disease targets.
  • Ligand discovery
  • Our autophagy small-molecule ligand-discovery engine enables the development of Nanosome degraders. We own the ligands to make Degradation 2.0 a reality.
  • Disease targets
  • Knowing where and how to deploy the Nanosome technology is critical for successful therapeutic development. We understand the molecular features of disease targets that place them in the sweet-spot for Nanosome-mediated degradation.