Production Solution


Design Through Distribution

Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics offers solutions that are designed to fit into your current system or reconfigure your current processes to meet new business, operational or logistical demands.


We have extensive experience in product launches to ensure compliance, acceptance and functionality of your finished product.

Genomic NantiJen Diagnostics uses open source architecture in our designs to provide our customers with flexibility to modify their products or processes as market demands change.


Kit & Packaging Design
Creativity, Rigorous Evaluation and Experience

Genomic NantiJen Diagnostics understands the challenges of introducing a brand new product to the market.

Package design is a delicate balance of achieving functionality, user acceptance, performance validity and brand image. Our dedicated team of packaging specialists will devote the attention and detail needed to ensure product acceptance and performace in the field. Our approach facilitates clear understanding of construction, graphics, design and logistical concerns while defining product use and distribution requirements.

Aliquotting Solution

Genomic NantiJen Diagnostics is a supplier of an Automated Pipetting System, which is designed to aliquot test samples from 45ml tamper-evident flip top vials to a compatible Olympus or Hitachi test rack while ensuring Chain of Custody (COC).


This system was designed to provide laboratories of various sizes a system that follows lean manufacturing principles in order to increase throughput and eliminate the typical machine-related constraints.

Systems purchased through Genomic NantiJen Diagnostics have been designed to work with not only our vial, but also competitor vials to provide our customers the best solution with several long-term options. Although bundling is a well-known strategy, we believe that separating internal lab processes from the urine collection kit offers the greatest operational advantage.

Supply Chain Integration

Genomic NantiJen Diagnostics offers value-added solutions that easily integrate with your company’s existing systems to create a streamlined supply chain.


We manage demand utilizing a process driven approach that dynamically balances the various capabilities and constraints of the entire supply chain. This total system approach minimizes supply, production and distribution disruptions while minimizing costs and improving visibility.


From the procurement and production of your printed materials, kits and other supplies, to the warehousing and distribution of your products, Genomic NantiJen Diagnostics’s 40+ years of experience in supply chain management allows you to remain focused on the core competency of your business.


Our flexible and proven systems offer you control over each step in the process while providing you with all ordering, reporting, lot information and tracking data via customized information system exchange.