World’s only 100% authentic bio-identical recombinant STGF

“Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.”

Genetic engineering is an important discipline of biotechnology and has a wide range of applications covering new drug developments, environmental conservation, energy generation and crop improvements yielding plants that could withstand various external insults. Through genetic engineering, a target (recombinant) protein could be produced efficiently using the machinery of the foster host. The engineered host may undergo fermentative cultivation to attain large quantities of the recombinant protein. Subsequent to purification to remove the contaminants, the recombinant protein is attainable as a highly pure, fully bioactive and authentic product.

Bacterial Expression Systems

1) Escherichia coli Excretion System

We have developed unique E. coli excretion systems using the Tac and LacUV5 cassettes, in conjunction with plasmid stabilizers for efficient production of recombinant proteins.

2) Bacillus subtilis Secretion System

Another expression & secretion system is engineered in B. subtilis for efficient extracellular production of heterologous proteins. Regulatory cassettes containing transcriptional controls derived from the veg I promoter and the Staphylococcal protein A signal peptide are employed in this system.

There are many advantages of the extracellular approach over the intracellular one for the production of recombinant proteins.

  •  Correct folding to a functional native form – authentic and bioactive product

  •  Reduction of proteolysis, and thus higher product yields

  •  Reduction of contamination from unwanted proteins (e.g. endotoxin), and thus attainment of product with better quality

  •  Unwanted N-terminal methionine can be avoided

  • Easy purification process and reduced production cost

  •  Suitable for large and industrial scale production

  •  Applicable for the production of all naturally secretory proteins

  •  Applicable for the production of mildly toxic proteins

  •  Continuous production possible

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重組鹼性成纖維細胞生長因子(bFGF)是哺乳動物和人體中一種非常微量的活性物質,對來源於中胚層和神經外胚層細胞 (如上皮細胞、真皮細胞、成纖維細胞、血管內皮細胞、骨細胞、軟骨細胞、神經元和神經膠質細胞等)具有促進修復和再生的作用。因此,bFGF具有廣泛的生理功能和重要的臨床應用價值。

1)  bFGF基因重組技術


2)  bFGF大規模生產工藝及品質控制技術