Clinical Services

  • Expert ConsultationAn expert team delivering Precision Medicine and Advanced Healthcare to our patients. Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics’s specialists are committed to provide personalized Western & Chinese Medicine for your needs.
  • Tele-ConsultationGet care from the comfort of your home. Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics provides the highest quality of Telemedicine. After video consultation, we arrange Delivery-Med service of the prescribed medicine right to your doorsteps.
  • Genomic Precision MedicineWith Genomic Medicine, we can now focus on individuals more than ever! This requires a change in the philosophy of practice in Medicine, Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics has brought in evidence-based Genomic Medicine into our routine Clinical Care. Our genomic medicine represents a landmark service in Hong Kong.
  • Target Therapy & Immunotherapy Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics provides both customized target therapies and immunotherapies to our cancer patients. Based on Next Generation Deep Sequencing of tumour or liquid biopsies, we are able to identify specific mutations of the tumour-driving genes indicative of treatment target(s) unique to each individual patient.
  • Chemotherapy & RadiotherapyAs a licensed Day Procedure Centre, Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics provides a wide range of in-house chemotherapies to our patients. In collaboration with our hospital partners, we also provide various types of radiotherapies.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics is dedicated to provide Integrative Chinese-Western Medicine. Integrative Medicine is useful in multiple arenas including cancer care, stroke care, eczema, and treatment of long COVID symptoms.

Not all laboratories have the capabilities to perform molecular testing. The costs associated with bringing on a new assay in an unknown reimbursement world is a challenge. Some of these challenges include capital equipment costs, space, reimbursement difficulties, lack of staff expertise, and competition with large vendors commercial testing venders and more. The largest driver of laboratory demand is standard healthcare needs. PGx and other molecular tests are more esoteric, and costs are generally higher for these types of tests. At Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics, we provide partner services to laboratories that are looking to expand their genetic testing options without laying out capital for equipment, personnel and validation services. We partner with industry leaders to provide excellent genetic testing nationwide.

Genomic is a fully functional, CLIA certified, molecular laboratory that offers PCR and full genomic sequencing capabilities. We provide patients genetic answers and risk analysis to personalize their medication needs and develop individual treatment plans through a non-invasive cheek swab. We provide your laboratory the ability to present providers and physicians the tools necessary to accurately and safely prescribe medications with pharmacogenomic data analysis. We offer molecular services and software applications to laratories in need of such services.


1) Genomic Clinical Reference Service

  • Clinical Molecular testing
  • Sequencing Solutions
  • Real-time Risk Assessment and Medication Utilization Management


Even if you already run a thriving multi-service laboratory, you can outsource testing to expand your offering or to add capacity. We work with you to establish convenient, efficient flow between our laboratory and yours, customizing a plan that will fit your needs and volume. Additionally, if you are ready to bring on the assay you have been referencing, we provide project management services and staff in order to implement a new test into your existing laboratory workflow.

2) Genomic Laboratory Creation Service

  • Validation Services for Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT’s)

Comprehensive Medication Risk Management – Lowers medical costs and decreases employee risk while achieving company financial goals and well-being


Our offerings are unique and we are the sole provider for select services. Our menu consists of the following analytically validated tests that can be offered to patients with a physician order

What Our Service Provides

  • Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing
  • Neuropharmagen (NFG) mental health PGx testing
  • Peri-operative PGx testing, consisting of malignant hypothermia risk allele testing and appropriateness of pain and anti-emetic medications.
  • Mammorisk Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Microsatellite Instability Testing (MSI)
  • UGT1A1 genotype testing


Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics’s laboratory creation service (LCS) model combines the capabilities of our CLIA laboratory and full-service consulting business, equipping existing practices and laboratories with pharmacogenetic-informed medication management.

What Our Service Provides

  • Certification and Compliance Management
  • Laboratory Design
  • Equipment ordering, installation, and validation
  • Custom proprietary testing panels
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Advanced molecular interpretation services
  • Advanced molecular testing and reporting services (changed from software since we outsource)
  • Consumable supply order management
  • Integrated billing services


In order to offer these services in the most efficient manner, Genomic Nantijen Diagnostics has built an IT team that can facilitate the LIMS integration between us and a partner laboratory. This is typically done via API but our integration team is flexible and knowledgeable enough to work with various laboratory management software vendors. As a result, the transmission of requisitions and patient reports can be automated, avoiding unnecessary paperwork and allowing our partners to obtain results faster.