1. ABOUT Stem Cell Nanosome-CYTOKINES

Cytokines, from the Greek cyto meaning “cell” and kinos meaning “movement”, are tiny, protein molecules secreted by cells that communicate with other cells. Cytokines may be classified as peptides, proteins, exosomes, secretomes or glycoproteins. Sophisticated and profound complexes of cytokines found in our bodies are involved in cellular communications. They are nano-sized molecules working as cross-cell messengers and channels. It might help to think of cytokines as the body’s mobile phone system.

Cytokines can be the difference between the body’s success and failure. An imbalance of cytokines is the root of most diseases. Cytokines bind to the cell membrane and start the process of DNA synthesis, mitosis and cell repair, as well as affecting the stem cell environment. They act in three main ways in the cell-to-cell communication system.

Cytokine therapy is one of the new exciting fields in medicine which, like stem cells, could dramatically change the face of medicine and treatment protocols to conquer a variety of conditions. Cytokine Medicine truly represents a quantum leap in the field. Cytokines are the building blocks of life, so when we master cytokine therapy we will significantly reduce the debilitating effects of most diseases.

Human stem cells produced by cell division, create the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas and genital organs, among other things. The average adult is made up of about 60 trillion cells. Each organ undergoes cell division to maintain itself, as the new cells grow, the old cells decompose, all the while retaining the function of the organ. Skin and hair are short cycles, so wound recovery is relatively fast. The heart and brain are much slower to recover, so once injured, their repair takes a much longer time.


Stem cells are cells with the unique ability to self-replicate differentiate into cells of various tissues. This pluripotent differentiation capacity is what makes stem cells distinct from other cells in the body that are specialized and play a well-defined role, For example, bone cells specialize in bone growth and brain cells never differentiate into other types of cells but brain cells. On the other hand, stem cells are primitive cells transform into various types of specialized cells. Today, we see several stem cell therapy and products in the market that aim to address anti-aging and disease-related problems.

Most stem cell therapies use autologous (derived from the client themselves) or ‘allogeneic ‘ (donor) adult stem cell injection therapy. As per the ‘Allogeneic’ method, frozen stem cells are used after being matched with HLA anti-bodies or major anti-bodies are removed during preparation to avoid immune incompatibility between the donor and the patient receiving the therapy.

Thorough sterilization is critical during the entire process from defrosting, packing and transporting the stem cells to avoid the risk of contamination. Furthermore, the duration of transportation should be no longer than 12 hours from defrosting due to the fleeting life span of these live stem cells. We are now entering A NEW ERA of stem cell applications called Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines developed by Marseille Quincé Limited which overcomes technical, biological and practical difficulties of conventional cell therapy.

Our scientists discovered that when culturing MSCs, the cell life cycle (telomere life span of the DNA chromosome) does not shorten and is kept at the maximum level for self-renewal and replication. More importantly, we found that culturing stem cell media contains a more than 1300 different kinds of bio proteins, growth factors and cytokines which are called byproducts from the rapid culturing of MSCs. These growth factors and cytokines are usually applied topically or injected through intravenous or intra-articular injection to induce cell repair and regeneration. Once body tissue is injured, it undergoes stress and inflammation. The affected tissue releases cytokines, signaling proteins that communicate cell-to-cell to mobilize surrounding stem cells to attend to and repair the damaged tissue cells. This proven wound-healing effect of the cytokines and peptides present in Conditioned Media has been extensively reported by medical journals.


When Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines activate stem cells and cells in the diseased organ, they begin the fight against the disease, protecting and restoring health by increasing immunity function.

When the organs of the body are damaged, the stem cells in the wound gather more Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines for a quick recovery. Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines change the nature of the living cellular environment. Stem cells are involved in this interaction. When the body ages, the amount of Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines in the body and their function diminishes, and likewise stem cell function diminishes, affecting organ regeneration. If there are insufficient exosomes in the body, the waste-disposal capacity of the whole body is not enough to fight off disease. This can allow serious diseases to develop.

The immune system is constantly protecting our body from internal and external attacks. Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines aid the treatment or prevention of diseases by successfully reproducing the associated stem cells. NK cells and T cells are the vital immunity cells that keep us from suffering aging and impurities in the cell units. Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines treatment also interferes with the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells. Autoimmune diseases occur when the role of stem cells cannot be performed properly. Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines therapy can normalize immune function to treat autoimmune diseases.

Hence, powerfully concentrated Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines, originating from the cultivation process of the youngest and powerful MSCs, is the ultimate revival of all body cells to address various health problems by activating natural stem cell functions and enhancing the body’s own healing system. As a result, it is possible for our bodies to not only reverse back to its younger optimal stage of metabolism but also regain its full energy level to combat stress and disease.

Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines Complex contains the highest concentration of these signaling bio-proteins, which impact and revive all kinds of cells in the body to regenerate, eliciting an anti-aging and self–recovery effect.

Prevention is always a wise step, as opposed to seeking a cure after the damage has already been done. Therefore Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines therapy is ideal to be administered in earlier stages before the cell damage has advanced, in order to prevent the potential dysfunction of organs. This is the central idea behind true anti-aging philosophy.

The cultivation of stem cells which secrete the Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines led to the mass cultivation of healthy and vivid stem cells using patented technology Ex-vivo technology. The Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines are harvested without the physical shock of the low-temperature separation method that is used with active stem cells. The biggest feature of Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines therapy is the original genuine complex of full signal proteins. Then we use bioengineering to produce recombinant protein based on the exact ammonic acid sequence, thus it is 100% authentic and identical to human cytokines. The full signal is that it contains a variety of mRNA or miRNA and a large number of hormones to be able to exert the greatest force in the reproduction, growth, aging and degradation of our body. Stem cells that have introduced this full signal are capable of tremendous regeneration.  


  • Anti-aging effect
  • Improve energy levels: less fatigue and reduced stress
  • Improve sleep quality: deep and longer sleep
  • Improve immune system
  • Improve skin condition
  • Increase chronic and acute wound healing
  • Improve sex drive and function
  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Improve liver function
  • Pain reduction in (injured) bone, muscle or other inflamed body part
  • Improve recovery: faster wound-healing speed
  • Improve hair quality and reduced hair loss
  • Reduce mood swings
  • Improve memory


There are minimal side effects with Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines therapy because Stem Cell Nanosome-Cytokines are not active cells. The quantity administered is also very small; the volume is only 50 to 200nm. It circulates through the blood to every corner of the body or within the articular cavity for intra-articular injection, naturally gathering in cells of weakened or damaged organs and tissues, to induce regeneration and recovery. It is also not an artificial chemical compound, so there is no risk of drug resistance or poisoning.

With the patent “Means and method for expression of authentic human epidermal growth factor and/or basic fibroblast growth factor in cytoplasm and/or culture medium of Escherichia coli”, Stem Cell Nanosome can be ensured 100% bio-identical to human protein.

  • Superior function and safety
  • No danger of immune rejection
  • No risk of tumor
  • Ready to be injected, non –invasive
  • Immediate return to normal life